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leggerissimo's Journal

very lightly and delicately;
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Oh hai. We’re a bunch (when I say bunch, I actually mean four 8D) of highschoolers that has obviously no time (that explains the lack of journal entries), nah, I mean we’re a bunch of highschoolers that are lazy. Except Megan (tsukixchan). She’s always trying to get this community up on it’s feet. Anyways. We live in Vancouver, but we don’t go to the same schools. But we do talk on MSN so that’s cool. And now I’m rambling because I have absolutely nothing to say.

Fruit. I don’t like fruit. Do you? Fruit tastes funny, and I’d like grapefruits but they are way too sour. I prefer pomelos. Fandoms? Well, Megan is OBSESSED with Mr. Cho Kyuhyun and Carmen is OBSESSED with Ok Taecyeon. Jessica is OBSESSED with Park Jaebum and I’m OBSESSED with Yoo Seung Ho, Park Ji Yeon and Lee Sungmin. Oh and T-ARA too 8D Ever realize that Yoo Seung Ho looks like ONEW when he smiles? I think that. It’s kind of scary now that I think of it..

Hmm. The final section. What should I talk about here? Oh join our community. We named it ‘leggerissimo’ because we could and it was free. LOL. So it’s basically a music term. So. Join our community! We like to not post :D LULZ. Just kidding. But Join Join Join! Cookies are not provided, but spazz for our FAVOURITE (YES I’M CANADIAN) Korean stars are provided ♥ Byee :D


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